Here We Go!
Wooden plugs of the upper and lower portions of the funnel were carved out of wood. These were made slightly smaller than the outside circumference to accommodate the veneer laminates which would actually form the funnels.

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Wrapping the Plugs
Wood veneer with a tight, smooth grain was steamed and then wrapped at least twice around the wooden plugs until dry.

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Here be Funnels!
Once the veneer laminates were dry, the wooden plugs were waxed and polished, so when the laminates were glued, they could not adhere to the plug.

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All the surfaces between layers of veneer laminates were coated in glue and taped around the wooden plugs to dry. Once dry, the plugs slid out (remember the wax?) and I had funnels. The funnels were very thin but quite strong and held their shape very well.
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