The Funnel Masters
The funnel masters were now ready. But moulding these would be complicated, so I decided to make the cowling first so I could make my first mould a simple one.

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The Funnel Cowling
Each funnel had a cowling on the bottom of the top funnel that shielded the shrouding around the lower funnel. To get the correct thickness, a few pieces of Plexiglas were glued together. The cowling was cut from the shipyard drawings and glued directly onto the Plexiglas. Now I had a template.

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The hole was cut to take the funnel and the outside shape was cut, both on a scroll saw. As the cowling has an angle, this was set on a disk sander and sanded to shape.
Ready to Mould
After some detailing and drilling the holes for the rings, I had my master for the cowlings. Now it was time to try moulding and casting exact copies.

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