Filling the Mould
The resin was mixed for 30 seconds, then like the silicone, it was brushed on with a small disposable brush and then the remainder was poured into the mould. You have to work quick, it sets in less than a minute!

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The Moment of Truth
Now I could see if it worked. After only three minutes (yes, 3) the resin had cured and the resin cowling could be removed from the mould. In no time I had made my three identical cowlings. Coooool!

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Another Unique feature to Pommern
Unlike the other four ships of the class which had straight funnels right to the deck, Pommern had bases for the funnels. Like the cowlings, these were carved from Plexiglas, then moulded and cast. Note on the pre-1909 funnels, the cowlings appear more like an umbrella with no vertical edge on the bottom. After 1909, they had more depth which is how I constructed them.

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