Now for the Hard One
Now came the funnels. This was my first experience with multiple-part moulding, which results in a three-piece mould so the funnel would be hollow.

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A small box was built to fit each funnel and the funnel was laid into a bed of putty. I poked holes along the sides in the putty so they would form a "key" to help align the mould halves together.
A Different Product
For this mould I wanted a silicone that was not so flexible, so I chose Alumilite Silicone Moulding Rubber. This silicone is more complicated to mix, as it is a 10:1 ratio which makes mixing small amounts difficult. But it makes a beautiful mould.

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First Layer
Like the cowlings, the first layer of silicone moulding rubber was brushed on with a paint brush to fill the details such as the drilled holes.

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