How to Build a Battleship Model from Scratch:
The S.M.S. Pommern

Part II: Hull Finishing & Painting
In this installment which was completed in November 2003, you will find 21 pages covering 54 individual steps with photographs.

This stage of the project was significantly less-stressful than stage 1 "Basic Hull Construction" but it was still quite time consuming, taking almost 8 months. The reason for this, is that I believe the entire model depends on the quality of the hull. If the hull has imperfections, ripples, or cracks, then the entire model will suffer. This stage also required me to build the hull Sponsons for the 88 mm guns, the rudder, torpedo tubes, anchor holes, and the upper deck edging.

I hope you find this section interesting or useful and as always, comments or questions are always welcome.

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