How to Build a Battleship Model from Scratch:
The S.M.S. Pommern

Part VII: Completing the Hull
In this installment which was completed in December 2008, you will find 25 pages covering 68 steps with 83 photographs. It has been awhile since the last update for SMS Pommern in June 2007 when the ship's guns were completed, however, summer is short here in Canada, so nothing gets done on Pommern during the summer and the ship waits for the cooler weather to arrive so I can begin working on it again.

Unfortunately, 2007 went very badly in the last half of the year which prevented me from working on any hobbies. Both my dogs were badly injured in the fall of 2007, so the stress of their surgeries and the time for rehabilitation and recovery used up the entire winter. I was not able to really get at Pommern again until March of 2008, but I did work on it occasionally during the summer to make up for lost time.

This stage of the build involves completing the hull. I thought I could just 'add' things but that soon became clear that this was impossible and it required essentially a complete rework of the hull from the water-line up.
In this section, as you read through, you will see how the hull went from something that resembled a canoe, to this >>

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WARNING. In Dec 2007 I ordered some parts from MZ-Modellbau in Holzweissig Germany for the deck. Although some of the photo-etched parts were very nice, the owner sent the wrong propellers, and except for the anchors, all the cast parts were extremely poor. The 1:100 sailors were basically globs of lead that were not even recognizable as human; the roller chocks were no better; I would have been better off using a blob of chewing gum. He agreed to accept the parts back, and then refused to send my $160 refund, or respond to any of my numerous emails. So I strongly recommend that this business be avoided at all costs, as he has demonstrated that the quality is very poor, he will keep payment, not issue a refund, and not communicate. In my mind, this is incredibly stupid business practice, as he lost a customer.
I hope you find this section interesting or useful and as always, comments or questions are always welcome. Thank you for sharing my pain. Please click the "next" button below to start the tour. Tony

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