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This essay is an on-line guide to the different patterns of Imperial German Pickelhaube. It is not designed to replace good, quality reference books. The list of references at the bottom will supply substantially more information for the serious researcher/collector, but I hope this effort will serve those who do not have access to extensive references. All of the helmets in this reference are photographed in much greater detail in the Artifact Galleries in Kaiser's Bunker.

To determine rank and identify specific features or characteristics on the leather Pickelhaube, please refer to the: Pickelhaube Characteristics & Rank Guide.

For further information on Pickelhaube evolution, specifically the Preußen Infantry Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pickelhaube, please refer to the: Preußen Pickelhaube Evolution.
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Line Pickelhaube
Pickelhaube is the generic name given to all helmets in this catagory, but in this page it will deal only with the leather spiked helmets worn by Infantry, Train (Supply), Dragoner (Mounted Rifle), Pionier (Pioneer), and the Eisenbahn (railway) etc.
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The Artillery Pickelhaube
Kugelhelm were the leather helmet with a ball-topped spike worn by Feldartillerie (Field Artillery) and Fußartillerie (Foot Artillery).
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Bayern (Bavaria) Pickelhaube
Bayern Pickelhauben have a unique history and deserve to have their own page detailing their introduction and evolution.
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Tschako were the form-fitting helmet worn by Jäger, Telegraph, and Aviation troops, and for a period, the Train (Supply) troops.
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Kürassier Metalhelme
Metalhelme were the steel helmets worn by the Kürassier (Heavy Cavalry) and Sachsen (Saxon) Garde-Reiter.
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Jäger zu Pferde Metalhelme
Metalhelme were the steel helmets worn by the Jäger zu Pferde (Mounted Dispatch Riders)
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Ulanen Tschapka
Tschapka were the square-topped helmet worn by Ulanen (Lancers).
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Husaren Pelzmütze
Pelzmütze were the the fur covered Busby worn by Husaren (Hussars, or Light Cavalry).
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Ersatz Pickelhaube
To meet with the Aug 1914 declaration of war, the Germans began manufacturing helmets from Ersatz (substitute) materials. This page explains the different patterns of Ersatz Pickelhaube.
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Überzug (Helmet covers)
This page provides a brief overview of the Pickelhaube Überzug (helmet cover) worn by all ranks.
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Regiment/Battalion Uniform Detail Charts
The following links will present chart listing all Regiments and Battalions of the Pre-1914 Imperial German Army. Each chart will present specific details of the uniform and helmet for each unit. These charts are also available on the individual branch of service pages above. Unless listed separately, Bayern (Bavarian) units are grouped with the units of that branch of service. These charts will all open in a new window.
Infantry Regiments Bayern Infantry Regiments Jäger and Schützen
Feldartillerie (Field Artillery) Bayern Feldartillerie (Field Artillery) Fußartillerie (Foot Artillery)
Dragoner (Mounted Infantry) Pionier (Pioneer) Train (Supply)
Kürassier (Heavy Cavalry) Husaren (Light Cavalry) Ulanen (Lancers)
Jäger zu Pferde (Mounted Light Infantry) Chevauleger Regiments (Mounted Rifle) Verkehrstruppen (Telegraph, Flieger, Eisenbahn etc)
Color Plates

The following links take you directly to color plates that are connected with each arm of service. These plates are also available on the individual branch of service pages above. These charts will all open in a new window
Shoulder Strap Plate 1 Shoulder Strap Plate 2 Litzen Plate 1
Litzen Plate 2 Litzen Plate 3 Helmet Wappen Plate 1
Helmet Wappen Plate 2 Kürassier Plate 1 Kürassier Plate 2
Husaren Plate 1 Husaren Plate 2 Husaren Plate 3
Ulanen Plate Bavarian Ulanen Plate Jäger zu Pferde Plate
Feld Artillerie Plate Dragoner Plate 1 Dragoner Plate 2
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