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Manufacturer's Markings on the
1914 1st Klasse Eiserne Kreuz
(Iron Cross)
This page lists all the know manufacturer's markings found on 1914 1st Klasse Eiserne Kreuz manufactured up to 1918. A great many 1914 EK1 were manufactured in the Third Reich era and will be found with various markings which are outside of the scope of this reference.

If you are aware of any manufacturer's that are not on this list, please let me know so that I can add them. This is a resource for all of us.
Marking Hersteller (Manufacturer) Location
A Assmann Lüdenscheid
AWS A. Werner & Sohne (See Manufacturer's Marks) Berlin
CD 800 Carl Dillenius Pforzheim
Deschler & Sohn Deschler & Sohn Abzeichenfabrik München
DEUTSCHER OFFIZIERSVEREIN Deutscher Offiziersverein Unknown
D.R.G.M. 653146 Paul Meybauer Berlin
Fr Friedländer Berlin
FR Friedländer (?) Berlin (?)
FR. SEDLATZEK BLN S.W. 68 Friedrich Sedlatzek Berlin
G Godet & Sohn Berlin
GD Godet & Sohn Berlin
GODET- BERLIN Godet & Sohn Berlin
M. HANSEN D.R.G.M. 650006 M. Hansen Unknown
H.B.G. Unknown Unknown
J C. E. Junker Berlin
J.H. WERNER BERLIN J.H. Werner Berlin
JWS Johann Wagner & Sohn Berlin
K.A.G. Unknown Unknown
K.M.S.T. (also seen as) K.M.S.t Königliche Muenzamt Stuttgart Stuttgart
KO Königliches Münzamt Orden Berlin
N Neuhaus & Sohn Unknown
S-W Sy-Wagner Berlin
V (possibly a "Y"?) Unknown Unknown
Y Unknown Unknown
W Wagner Berlin
we Unknown Unknown
Wilm Wilm Berlin
WS Wagner & Sohn Berlin
W & S Wagner & Sohn Berlin
Manufacturer's Marks found on EK1
Marking Hersteller (Manufacturer) Location
A. Werner & Sohne Berlin
Koch & Bergfeld Bremen
Meybauer Berlin
Unknown. This could be a manufacturer's inspection or "proof" mark.

Recently a L59 marked EK1 has surfaced with this square marking. L59 was the manufacturer "Alois Rettenmaier of Parlerstrasse 27 in Schwabisch-Gmund". This does not indicate conclusively that the square mark is this manufacturer, as it could in fact, be a quality assurance mark of some sort.
Known Silver Content Marks on EK1
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