Eigentumsstück Waffenrock
Sachsen (Saxon) 2. Feld-Artillerie-Regt. Nr.28
Eigentumsstück (private purchase) Model 1895 NCO's Waffenrock from Kgl. Sächs. 2. Feld-Artillerie-Regt. Nr.28 (Bautzen) XII Armee Korps

The Waffenrock is made from a high quality dunkelgrün (dark green) doeskin wool with Ponceaurot (poppy red) piping on the front opening, bottom, and rear skirt. The collar and cuffs are piped in green.

Unlike the other contingents of the German empire who wore Dunkelblau Waffenrock with black collar and cuffs for Feld-Artillerie, Sachsen (in typical fashion) did not conform, and wore dunkelgrün Waffenrocks with red collar and cuffs. Another unique characteristic of Sachsen Waffenrock is that the bottom edge is piped.

A view of the collar and shoulder straps. NCOs above the rank of Unteroffizier wore gilt NCO lace around the collar and cuffs of the Waffenrock.
The back of the Waffenrock showing the piping arrangement on the rear skirt.

Sachsen (Saxon) Waffenrock had a unique pattern of rear skirt with only four buttons and straight piping.
A view of one of the squared Sachsen-pattern shoulder straps with a blank private purchase button.

The workmanship of the hand-embroidered insignia is superb.
A view of the cuffs with the red horizontal panel around the circumference of the cuff piped in green with two buttons.
A matching Sachsen Feldartillerie private purchase Waffenrock, Pickelhaube, and Schirmmütze. To see the Pickelhaube click Here. To see the Schirmmütze click Here.