Pickelhaube Characteristics & Rank Guide
A common source of frustration and confusion for collectors and historians alike, is the seemingly complex differences in the way that rank is differentiated with Imperial German Pickelhauben (Helmets), or the vast differences is Pickelhaube characteristics such as the pattern of spike, visor trim, etc. There is a common misconception that a quality liner, brass chinscales, a ball-pattern Perlring on the spike neck, or the overall quality of the helmet has some indication of rank, especially when it comes to the overused term of "NCO". This page will attempt to educate the reader on the different aspects of how to identify the differences between issued Mannschaften (Other Ranks) NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) Pickelhauben, officer Pickelhauben, and Eigentums-helm, (Privately Purchased Helmets). This page is indented to be used in conjunction with the reference pages on Pickelhaube evolution and Imperial German Helmet Patterns.
For the evolution of the Preußen Pickelhaube, please refer to the: Evolution of the Preußen Pickelhaube Guide.

For an on-line quick access guide to the different patterns of Imperial German Pickelhaube please refer to the: Kaiser's Bunker Pickelhaube Guide.
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