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Imperial German Pickelhaube Evolution 1842-1915
This essay is an on-line guide to the evolution of the Imperial German Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pickelhaube (Spiked Helmet) worn by the soldiers of the Kingdom of Preußen from 1842 to 1915.
Dedicated to the memory of
Jean-Louis Larcade and Didier Lainé.
Je ne les oublierai jamais.

Ils m'ont aidé à voir.
This essay is not designed to replace good, quality reference books. The list of references at the bottom will supply substantially more information for the serious researcher/collector, but I hope this effort will serve those who do not have access to extensive references. All of the helmets in this essay are photographed in much greater detail in the Artifact Galleries in Kaiser's Bunker.

For an on-line quick access guide to the different patterns of Imperial German Pickelhaube and helmets of other Kingdoms and states, please refer to the: Kaiser's Bunker Pickelhaube Guide. To determine rank and identify specific features or characteristics on the leather Pickelhaube, please refer to the: Pickelhaube Characteristics & Rank Guide.

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List of References