Air Vents
Photographs of the Deutschland-Klasse boat decks show air vents along the sides of the boat-deck structures in-line with the funnels on all five ships as shown here in this boat deck photo of Deutschland. I have seen some thick and sloppy versions of this done on other ship models, but I wanted it to be clean and sharp and to scale. What to do?

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Making the Air Vent Housings
I discovered that the superb photo-etched stairs made by my friend Peter Lienau were the same width as the air vents so I made one good housing for the side and a corner in plastic as a master and then made a mould. Once done, I cast the numbers I needed from resin. This photo shows the master, the mould, and the resin castings.

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Adding the Air Vent Housings
The resin cast housings were then glued onto the boat deck structures, which I had designed to accept them.

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