How to Build a Battleship Model from Scratch:
The S.M.S. Pommern

Part III: Funnels, Moulding, and Casting
In this installment which was completed in September 2004, you will find 17 pages covering 38 individual steps with 44 photographs. Part III covers the construction of the Schornstein (funnels) as well as casting and moulding as these were the techniques I utilized. The technique I chose to make the funnels, was to construct a "master" of the upper and lower funnels, the cowling, and the base. These "masters" were then used to make silicone rubber moulds (mould is English spelling, mold is US spelling). With the moulds, I could cast three identical funnels from resin.

You will note a dramatic improvement in the quality and size of the photographs beginning in this installment. The result of a new Fuji Finepix S602Z bought specifically to use on Kaiser's Bunker.

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