Württemberg Landjägerkorps
Württemberg Landjägerkorps issued Schirmmütze. The Landjägerkorps were military police similar to the Preußen Gendarmerie. The Schirmmütze is a very dark dunkelgrünem (dark green) issue-quality doe-skin wool with kornblumenblaues (corn flower blue) band and red piping. Note that the only Kokarden worn on the cap is the issue pattern Württemberg Kokarde. No Reich's Kokarde was worn by this unit as it was specific to Württemberg.
The interior of the Schirmmütze is completely lined in a heavy grey linen. The interior is stamped "LK" for Landjägerkorps
A close-up of the issued pattern Württemberg Kokarden. This pattern of Kokarden was worn by Landjäger Mannschaften (Other Ranks).
A Württemberg Landjäger wearing the Schirmmütze. The man in the photo wears a Sergeant's Waffenrock, but the officer's sword knot identifies him as a Vize-Feldwebel, the next senior rank. Note that the only Kokarden worn on the cap is the Württemberg Kokarde.

Photo used with the kind permission of Thomas Brackmann of
Imperial German Photographs.
An exceptionally rare grouping; the matching Landjägerkorps Pickelhaube, Waffenrock, and Schirmmütze. To see the Pickelhaube click Here. To see the Waffenrock click Here.