Model 1871 Württemberg
Landjäger Korp
Model 1871 Württemberg Landjäger Korp Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pickelhaube. Landjäger Korp helmets are unique, in that they combine Model 1867 round spike bases with Dragoner (dragoon) pattern squared front visors.
A view of the Württemberg Landjäger Korp Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Wappen (front plate).
The rear of this example, which has a typical mounted-troops smooth rear spine without air vent.
The side profile showing the state Kokarde. As a Kingdom resource, only a single Württemberg Kokarde was worn on the left side. Note that there are a few silver scales near the retaining post. When the helmet was new, these would have been gilded and appeared identical to the brass gilded scales. The other side has this unusual characteristic as well.
The liner of this example. Note that the Wappen (front plate) is held on with brass nuts, typical for pre-1895 helmets. An unusual feature, is the brass grommets on the liner fingers for the adjustment cord.
The helmet is unit marked "LK" on the rear visor.
An exceptionally rare grouping; the matching Landjägerkorps Pickelhaube, Waffenrock, and Schirmmütze. To see the Waffenrock click Here. To see the Schirmmütze click Here.