Preußen Garde Infantry Officer
Preußen Garde Infantry Officer's Pickelhaube.

This helmet was worn by the following Infantry Regiments in the Garde-Korps:

  • 2. Garde-Regt. zu Fuß (Berlin)
  • 3. Garde-Regt. zu Fuß (Berlin)
  • 4. Garde-Regt. zu Fuß (Berlin)
  • Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.1 (Berlin)
  • Kaiser Franz Garde-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.2 (Berlin)
  • Königin Elisabeth Garde-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.3 (Charlottenburg)
  • Königin Augusta Garde-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.4 (Berlin)
  • Garde-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.5 (Spandau)
A view of the Preußen Garde Infantry Officer's front plate. Note the voided crown and sharp detail.
This pattern of Garde star is found on officer Pickelhauben. Note the star is quite pronounced and has an enameled center. Including the curvature of the eagle, the star measures 20mm in depth. As for all Garde helmet plates, this pattern is found in gilded brass or frosted silver depending on the Regiment. It must be emphasized that only officers, or men serving in officer positions were allowed to wear this pattern of helmet plate.
A rear view of this example.
A view of the side profile. Note how far the Garde star protrudes on the front of the eagle Wappen.
The helmet liner is the officer pattern with a high quality calf-skin sweatband coupled by a silk skull cap.

The curling of the rear visors is a common occurance on officer Pickelhaube.