Hannoversches Jäger-Bataillon Nr.10
Hannoversches Jäger-Bataillon Nr.10, Goslar, X- Armee- Korps Mannschaft Waffenrock. The Waffenrock is a dunkelgrun (dark green) high-quality doe-skin wool with red cloth collar, Swedish cuffs, and a black silk lining. The Waffenrock is piped in red along the front opening as well as the rear skirts.

To commemorate the three Hannoverian units that fought in Gibraltar, Kaiser Wilhelm II by AKO 24.01.1901, awarded the right to wear a commemorative cloth cuff title for all three units that had perpetuated the original Gibraltar survivors. The Gibraltar cuff title was worn on the lower right sleeve of the Waffenrock by all ranks.
A view of the collar and shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are red with yellow chain-stitched number 10. The lack of any rank distinction identifies the rank of the wearer as a Jäger (Private). Note the green piping around the top circumference of the standing collar.
The rear of the Waffenrock.
A view of the Waffenrock and the Gibraltar cuff title. For further information on the origin of the Gibraltar cuff title, please see the essay on the main page of Kaiser's Bunker.
The cuff title is yellow hand-embroidered on blue wool and hand-sewn to the sleeve.
A wonderful photograph of a young Jäger of Jäger - Batl. Nr. 10 wearing the standard issue GIBRALTAR cuff-title.