Hull Casemates
Time to start the six casemates for the centre side of the hull. The sections for the casemates are made from sections of 3mm or 6mm aircraft plywood glued together to get the correct thickness as needed. Here are the holes in the top layer of the casemates for the side of the hull being drilled out with a 22.2mm (7/8 inch) Forstner drill bit. I made a jig to hold each of the casemates upper sections that contain the turret, so that each one would be exactly the same.

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I admit that I have no idea what a Forstner drill bit is actually used for, but for casemates, it was perfect! The hole with this bit is unbelievably clean. A perfect hole, no sanding required.

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Using a Jig to Cut the Angles
The angles for the casemates were cut by making a jig to hold the piece as I ran it up against the table saw. This was repeated for the bottom piece so the angle was identical. This is where the 80-tooth carpenter's blade for my table saw was put to good use as it gave me a perfectly clean cut with no splinters.

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